Deep Water Culture is the way to go!

DWC Hydroponics Starter System

  • Easy to use complete Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System! 4 Growing Sites!
  • Deep Water Kit Includes Air pump, air lines, air stones, 10" basket lids, (4) 5 gallon FDA buckets + 1 Year USA Warranty
  • Each Deep Water Culture bucket includes a water level indicator and drain so water changes are easy!
  • Easily grow plants to maturity with the PowerGrow Deep Water Culture Kit - Made in the USA!
  • Let's you grow 4 different plants to maturity in one system!
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Ryan Sanders
"I think this is a great set-up. i am new to hydroponics and this system didn't break the bank. it arrived on time and it is working right now!! They also upgraded my pump for free because the one in the picture was out of stock. i would recommend this to anyone who wants to get into hydroponics but doesn't have a lot of money."
Ryan Sanders
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